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Recharge is sponsoring several FREE LUNCH & LEARNs in new cities where Recharge will be hosted. Connect with local, like-minded youth and children’s ministry leaders who care about the next generation. Come for the networking as well as an opportunity to reaffirm your calling to ministry with uplifting insights and practical ministry encouragement. Come be encouraged and equipped by Tiger McLuen, President of Youth Leadership.

Tiger McLuen Recharge conference children's youth ministry trainingSTAYING PASSIONATE & FOCUSED! With 40 years of ministry experience including being on church staff, an instructor of youth ministry in a variety of academic settings as well as a national speaker and consultant, Tiger McLuen has a unique perspective on changes in  ministry, cultures, families and churches. Tiger is the author of a couple of books and some articles – but mostly he’s a leader who  loves being in a room full of people who are care about transforming the lives  of the next generation. Tiger will be  sharing core values and principles to be able to keep leading in a messy, tough and distracted world.

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Recharge conference children's youth ministry training Lunch and Learn

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