One of the greatest skills in ministry is taking other people's experience and ideas and making them work in your context.

Recharge Conference - workshops facilitated by national, regional and local ministry leaders.Stealing and copying is lazy. Stealing and adapting is genius. Learn from Recharge’s workshop presenters–steal their ideas–make it work in your ministry.

A vital part of Recharge is the wide variety of workshops available.  You will be equipped, inspired and energized by these relevant, practical workshops. Experienced ministry leaders will share useful and motivational ideas to help you and your team be ready for the challenges of leadership and working with kids.  Some workshops are designed for a specific area of ministry while others will be applicable whether you work with children, youth or families.

You will have the opportunity to attend 3 workshops during this children’s and youth ministry conference. Here are some of the workshops we’re in the process of putting together for you:

Last Year's Workshop Options

NEW to Recharge? Want to see more of what we're about while waiting for this year's workshops to get posted? Check out last year's workshop options.